Connecting Schools to The World - CSW


Learn Spanish through complete immersion 

Make a difference by teaching English in schools

located in small towns

Have an authentic homestay living experience


Program Overview

Connecting Schools to the World is an ideal internship opportunity for recent college graduates who are seeking adventure and are interested in experiencing new and vibrant cultures while teaching English and learning Spanish.
Offering two 5-month terms beginning in February and July.

Participants of Connecting Schools can expect to enjoy the bustling city of Buenos Aires during training and the down-to-earth feeling of a welcoming homestay family and their communities while living in Argentina.

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ESL Training

During training, which is based in Buenos Aires, you will receive up to 30 hours of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instruction before leaving for your assigned town.

You will learn the fundamentals of foreign language acquisition and class management.

Prior teaching or tutoring experience is advantageous
but is not necessary.

Life In Your Homestay


Many of our past participants have found their homestay experience to be the highlight of their time with Connecting Schools.

By participating in family activities and spending quality time sharing their daily life experiences in Spanish during meals, participants soon become an integral member of the family.

Homestay families support participants in their transition to the life and culture of their community.

You will be provided with a comfortable room, meals, and additional benefits depending on your family.

Spanish Classes

Participants receive four hours of Spanish lessons weekly while teaching.  

While having a base knowledge of Spanish is helpful, prior knowledge of Spanish is not necessary.  

This full immersion program allows for participants to quickly become comfortable communicating in Castellano by the end of the four and a half month program.   

Teaching English

After two weeks of training in Buenos Aires, participants board their buses to their respective towns and begin their life as EFL teachers.

They will teach 20-25 hours of English lessons weekly in a range of different locations - primary, secondary, private, and public schools.

In the past, participants’ level of involvement has ranged from assisting in the classroom to being a fully independent teacher.